Saturday, 9 April 2011

The John Bonham of our time?

After reading a post on E.T gravity's blog (an awesome blog that you should definitely check out), it reminded me what an awesome person Dave Grohl is. How after all the drama of Kurt Cobain's death, he still managed to pull through and continue rocking out, to this very day.
Hands down, Dave Grohl is one of the best drummers in existence. Whether you like his music or not, you have to admit he's got talent.

Here's an awesome video of him performing with his Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. Even THEY think he's amazing (just look at Jimmy Page's face!), and considering they've seen the likes of John Bonham (R.I.P)...well it speaks for itself.

Thought I'd just add this pic of Dave Grohl dressed up as a very convincing devil for Tenacious D: the pick of destiny


  1. hey what's up?! thanks for mentioning my blog here. i don't think anyone wana bother to check it out. lol! anyway, i was busy with school, especially im graduating thats why i havent posted anythin new on my blog. i keep reading other blogs though, even if i wanted to leave comments i was always short with time that's why i'm content with just readin lol. thanks by the way for coming back to my blog and leaving me comments and for the support. i really admire that. thanks much. you too, don't stop writing. share what's on your mind. if there's one thing that can't be taken away from you, it's your say to anything that happens in this world. lol what you say matters. I LOVE THIS POST! dave grohl as john bonham of out time, i actually thought of that too! awesome! and that video where jimmy page and john paul jones came out to perform with dave and taylor is brilliant! dave's just rocking the drums and at the end you see jimmy page look at him with pure joy and pride! i wish i was there! i only saw the whole concert on fuse tv hahahaha

  2. Sorry it took me so long to reply :D I've been busy too. Naaah, I'm sure people would want to check out your blog, it's awesome! ;) I haven't really been updating much unfortunately... Hehe don't worry, I like reading your posts, they're really good. Yeah, I absolutely loved the video which is why I simply had to put it up. Exactly what you said, I found it so sweet when Jimmy Page gives Dave that 'look' like 'well done'. It would have been an amazing concert to be at! Grrrr...I'm seething with jealously at all the people that would have actually been alive to see Led Zeppelin perform as a full act...

  3. hey what happened to your post "Just thought I'd share this...I couldn't stop laughing" i was planning on watching that video cuz everytime i tried to watch it before there's always something that i would remember to do so i never got to finish watching it..anyway hey! lol i didn't know i got a reply on my comment on this post. and i read your comment on my blog! my gosh i missed you too!! lol i always wonder if we're gonna be that genius in the future and someone actually created a time machine i would definitely go back to the wonderful years of Led Zeppelin and the wonderful years of all the other progressive rock bands! with less talents of today i hope when that future comes i would still be around lmao!

  4. Haha, aw I vaguely remember deleting the post because I though no one would really be interested in seeing it. But I think it was a video of members of Nirvana laughing over a bowl of food and grapes :D Sweet of you to remember though! I know exactly what you mean, SEEING LED ZEPPELIN LIVE JUST ARRGHHHH I hope I live to be able to travel back and see them :O

    1. Hey I'll just find that video on youtube lol i remember anything and everything that i think is good and important lol


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