Saturday, 10 March 2012

I'M BACK!!!!

I feel absolutely horrible for being away so long...
But I'm here to let all of my loyal followers know (I could never apologise enough for being away) that I'm still alive and kicking :)
And my music taste has changed incredibly, I think I can safely say I know a lot more about classic rock now than I did before :)
So, you can expect a slight change in blog layout and a proper blog post coming up very soon!
(hey, don't give me that face guys...I'M SORRY!)


  1. Welcome back! Intrigued to know what the new you will be posting about...

  2. Aw thank you! It's lovely to see your blog is still doing as brilliantly as ever, I wish I could be a bit more organised with mine. It's almost been two years! Wow..

  3. Hey so we're still waiting don't make us wait in vain now!! LOL I'm joking!! Welcome baacccckkkk!! I've actually learned quite awhile back ago that you've been back and I couldn't be happier!!!!! It's so really nice to see you back here again ALIVE AND KICKING!!! And you got your new post about the Monkees already!!!! Sorry I haven't been much here for awhile either. I kinda lost my mojo LMAO! Thanks on checking up on my blog as always!!!!!! Its just really great to see you back again! Looking forward to reading some new awesome blog post from you, posts that are worth reading lol I think on mine I'm just gonna lay low for awhile but would still be active now though but not as much post like before but who knew I might get inspired again or not or whatever feelings I'm feeling I think with music i'm listening to lol ahhhhhh just really great to see you back!!! :))


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