Friday, 1 October 2010

Blogs in general

People who write blogs are usually thought of as self centered. I mean, who really cares about what you have to say? But in my case, I'm not really writing this blog for anyone apart from myself. It's nice just being able to talk about whatever you want. I know, that there is a chance no one will follow my blog. But that's ok, writing a blog is a nice way for me to express my feelings.I think everyone should have a blog. Because to be honest, no one is going to read it unless you choose to tell people about it. And you don't have to. It's kind of like a diary you can access from anywhere.

Oh, and I'm going to write myself a personal note to stop typing "..."
It's just dot dot dot all the time. I need to stop.


  1. omg, that was exactly my thought when i started my blog. my friend told me to start a blog and i was like 'eh i'll think about it'. he actually started everything and just told me to type anything you want. from then on, i kept coming. i did it for myself though. its my way of getting things out that i normally just keep to myself. i don't really care if i get a reader. if you have time look at my firsts posts. you don't have to read them. but just like skim through it. and you'll see what i mean. i knew no one was reading and it was kind of fun cuz i keep typing like 'to any my readers out there' even though i know i don't have one. haha that's why i stopped promoting my blog. eh i don't know i'm weird right now.

  2. I've had a look at some of your first posts, and I know exactly what you mean :D It's so nice being able to talk about whatever you want, and express yourself.
    peace to you too :D


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