Friday, 1 October 2010

Uh oh... I knew this was going to happen

I told myself I wasn't going to get a blog. I told myself time and time again. Everyone in school has one, and I absolutely HATE copying others, it shows no originality. And yet, it was so tempting...

I love singing, and I've decided I'm going to try and get a career in music. I'm teaching myself how to play the keyboard and guitar. Unfortunately... I'm not really that good yet. Firstly, teaching yourself is not really the best way to learn, but my parents won't let me get lessons. Secondly...I only got my guitar two weeks ago. So bear with me. I'm no professional.

So, now I've decided to get a blog to express my feelings, as none of my friends are as in to rock  music as I am.  Who cares if I'm not showing any originality by getting a blog like everyone else. I just hope no one from school finds this....

I might have to switch schools.


  1. It's really good that you decided to blog, and most importantly, on the topic that interests you the most,i.e., Music. Learning guitar is quite difficult in the beginning, but gradually, you'll find yourself comfortable !

    Even I had started my blog in my last year at school! And I must tell you, it has helped me a lot! I got to learn so much from all my co-bloggers, who are so much experienced and knowledgeable in Rock music :) It's been really great, and definitely, you must be enjoying blogging and playing the guitar, aren't you ? :D

  2. Thanks, I'm finding playing the guitar easier every day now, and I'm even starting to get guitar calluses. Music has been something I've been passionate about all my life, ever since I was little. And of course, I'm really enjoying blogging, writing and music are two of my favourite things, it's lovely to be able to combine them. You're right, we really do learn a lot from other people's blogs, and from reserching for my own blog I learn things as well. And of course I enjoy playing the guitar, I rarely go a day without touching it, even if it is to give it a hug or gentle stroke :D

  3. :D

    I'll give you a suggestion : Mention your contact email somewhere in your profile, helps people to communicate with you via your blog :) Also, you might think of reducing the no. of posts in the homepage of your blog, as it takes quite much time to load fully :)

  4. Sure, I've done both of those now.
    Thanks for pointing them out.

  5. i learned guitar by myself. you can do it too. sadly i barely touch it now. but i do try to make it a point to play it at least 5 minutes a day. i know the basics right now i'm trying to learn how to do solos. i got ambitions too. lol but i don't know if it'll ever see a day. i wanted to have lessons too but my parents could never afford it. lucky enough i had 7 lessons of piano, thats it. i taught myself from then on. i love it too much that its a shame i wouldn't even try. and after years of frustration i think i've improved a lot.

    just keep working at it. you'll be fine. if you really believe that you can do it, YOU can do it. it takes time but once you get there you'll enjoy all those frustrations you had before and just smile that you finally made it!

  6. it helps too if you got an inspiration. that's why i love Queen so much. ;)

  7. Yeah, I know that maybe I'm probably never get a career in music really. It's just a little dream I have...
    But what I do know is that I love singing. I can't explain it, it just gives me such a wonderful feeling of happiness. And I love playing the guitar too, I play and play until I get blisters on my fingers and once I even made my strumming fingers bleed. I write songs too, and even though they might not exactly be amazing, they're a start.

    And yes, maybe I'll never make it in the music industry. For a start, I don't want to be a soloist, I want to be in a band, but I go to a posh girls school where barely any one likes rock music, apart from the slight emo crowd above us. And also, my parents would hate me doing anything music related. I've got a scholarship for my school, and they would hate it if I wasted it by becoming something like a doctor, politician or a lawyer.
    But they can't stop me playing music :) And even if I do oneday end up working in a boring office...I bet you as soon as I get home I'll start playing my guitar again

  8. that's right. don't let anyone stop you from something you love doing. that was my mistake. anyway, what i meant about solos is that you know on every rock song there's a guitar solo? that was what i was referring about. i used to dream being in a band, now i don't even know anymore. again, no matter how you end up in life never take music away from yourself and don't let anything control you. i bet you if you look around more you'll find more people who's into rock, maybe not look into your school though. or maybe you could post into a bulletin looking for musicians. although i haven't had luck finding people who's really into rock music, i still have some ounce of hope that maybe there's still some sense in the minds of today's generation.

  9. Yeah, don't worry, I know what you mean about guitar solos :D I just forgot to mention it in my reply. Yeah, I'm not at the guitar solo stage yet, hopefully I will be some time soon. And if I were you, I would carry on playing the guitar in school holidays and stuff, if you're busy during the weekdays.
    That's a good idea, I'm going to try and see if I can find anyone interested in rock music outside my school. I hope I do someday anyway...


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