Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween guys!

Humph. I'm quite disappointed with myself,  for the past few days I've been trying to think of a post I could do that was both Halloween, rock related and interesting.
You've probably logged on thinking, oooh, she's written another interesting blog post! (I flatter myself...interesting-hah!) But instead, you're left with me rambling... once again.... I've probably already wasted two minutes of your life.
Ok, right, this is my attempt at writing a Halloween blog post...I shall TRY to make a list of scary rock songs, that are somehow Halloween related. Just in case you were bored of listening to the Monster Mash and Thriller.
Sympathy for the Devil: The Rolling Stones
Ok...maybe this isn't that much Hallowen related. But it has the word 'devil' in it, ok? It's the best I could do...
I'm very sorry guys for no video, but here's a link:

Highway to Hell: AC/DC
You have obviously seen the word 'hell' in the title of this song? Good. Now you know why it's on this list.
It's quite cute how they're all wearing devil horns :)

People are strange:The Doors
Yay for the Doors!

Led Zeppelin: The Battle of Nevermore
Don't ask. Just don't ask.

OK, now, on a more fun note, here are some pictures of hamsters wearing clothes!!!
YAY for randomness and wasting people's time!!! Now, what are you still doing here?


  1. i needed a laugh. i made the right decision of visiting your blog! Happy Halloween!! cute hamsters, i wanna squeeze them!! and that's one cool scarecrow you got there. is that in front of your house?! LMAO

    you tried your best on incorporating those songs for halloween. come to think about it, Thriller is actually the only song I know that can rock and related to halloween.

    really thanks for the radomness. put a smile on my face. what's your costume for today? lol i think i'm too old for trick or treating. i'm gonna go and try to get chocolates though then pretend their mine and give the ones i got to the kids who'll know our doors!

    btw, i really appreciate you droppin by on my blog every now and then. it made me feel important!! wow thats lame.

    aight, rot your teeth with chocolates!

    rock on

  2. i'm blabbering. i'm gonna go and steal some chocolates and pretend they are mine and when one of those little monsters come knocking on our door i'm actually giving back their own chocolates. now that mean! or i'm gonna wrap this grapes and make it a point to look like kisses chocolates. i would probably waste some time doing that.

    i'm kidding. i got some chocolates but if i ran i would actually do that!

    peace :D

  3. excuse my nonsenseness (is that a word?). that's what you get for posting random posts = random comments. i can't focus on studying hahahahaha

  4. Well, I'm glad my blog post has made at least somebody laugh =)
    Yep, the hamsters are very, very cute. And nah, it's not in front of my house, it's a random picture I found on the internet.
    Sadly, I don't actually have a costume for today, I was meant to meet with a friend and go trick or treating (well, I am SLIGHTLY too old, but we were going to scrape in with her little sister and steal a couple of sweets from her), but she cancelled it and I was left today sitting at home watching cheesy horror films on the tv. Alone.
    AND NO, WHAT YOU SAID WAS NOT LAME :D You make ME feel important by writing three comments on what is probably the worst blog post in history, so why shouldn't I drop the occasional comment here and there?
    LOL! I love all your different ideas on how to trick trick or treaters. I would probably waste some time doing that too if I had any grapes.

    And sorry for distracting your studying :) I shall now swiftly leave.

  5. hahahahahaa funny post, love it!
    Happy Halloween to you too. The hamsters' photos are impressionant lol mainly the one with the frog's disguise... so cute!!!!!
    Ok, I like your 'best halloween songs' attempt but I think that all rammstein's songs are scary too... hahahaha



  6. Thanks :D
    Rammstein, they're the German band right? Yeah, their songs are pretty scary, though the guitar work is very good.
    Peace :D

  7. OK, now, on a more fun note, here are some pictures of hamsters wearing clothes!!! YAY for randomness and wasting people's time!!! Now ...


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