Monday, 4 October 2010


Yesterday, while trying to tune my guitar back to normal after previously tuning it to a drop d, I broke my high e string. I only bought my guitar two weeks ago! I am such a failure.

I was faced with one of the scariest tasks for new guitarists...changing guitar strings. I was positively terrified of doing it wrong, but then I wasn't actually quite as difficult as I first thought it would be. With the help of the internet, I managed to single handedly, without any tools apart from a pair of scissors, change my guitar strings.
Yep, I have a Yamaha guitar. It was only a £100 (quite cheap actually), but it's good for a beginner, as it came with a guitar case, stand, three picks (although I made some from old credit cards...I might make a post on that actually sometime), a cheap tuner, a strap and a spare set of strings (which I obviously found very useful!)

Here's a link for anyone looking to change their guitar strings:
I found it very useful anyway. And I just wanted to say that although string changing seems like a really scary task, it is actually surprisingly easy.
Oh, and instead of throwing your old guitar strings...turn them into this:

IT'S A FLOWER! And think about it, the more guitar strings you break, the more flowers you'll have! Amazing right? It's like reincarnation...or what was it...recycling. And to be honest, guitar strings are worth too much to throw in the bin. I guess if you have nylon strings maybe...mine are steel light gauge...but anyway, even nylon strings don't deserve a fate like that. No part of a guitar deserves to go in the bin.
Ok, here I go know, I've even named my guitar. He's called Jimi, after Jimi Hendrix.


  1. Hey! I like your creativity a lot ! The way you've 'used' the strings !

  2. Haha, thank you, although I poked myself several times while trying turn it into a flower.


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