Monday, 4 October 2010

Recycling can be useful!!!!

Ok. So many people think that global warming is not real. Whether or not you believe in it, sometimes, recycling can be very cool. I am not talking bout making musical instruments from Pringles tins and lentils. I am talking about stuff you can use for your guitar. I've already mentioned that you can make flowers from old guitar strings. But that is old news. I'm talking about stuff that is actually useful, not just ornamental.

Picks are ALWAYS getting lost. All the time. So if you're too busy to pop off to the shops to buy new picks, you can make some of your own from home! Just cut a pick shape out of an old credit card, file around the edges and hey presto! Ok, it's not the best pick in the world, but it's still comfortable to use and makes a great sound. Anything from gift cards to old ID cards will work. As long as it's made out of that thick, hard plastic material. And you can personalize them with a permanent marker or sharpie.
The link above was quite useful for me

And if you don't have a capo lying around? Use a pencil and elastic bands. You might need a couple of bands though. Or even shoe laces will work.

I found these both pretty useful. I hope someone else does. x


  1. these are really awesome ideas. very creative.

  2. Thanks :D Although I have to say, I didn't think of them myself.

  3. Hey, Actually I did use a Mic and a pen for a capo and to do some slides in of my live performances ! It was really great :) Haha... Another creative post up there ! :D Rock on ! :D

  4. Thanks bearockr :D
    And yeah, although of course it's not as good as a real capo, it is incredibly useful. Without capos, there are so many songs you can't play, but now there's another solution. :D


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