Monday, 29 November 2010

Look here at what I've found...

I discovered this band by accident. But now, I'm absolutely in love with them. And the strange thing is, their music is so different to the sort of 70s classic rock I usually listen to, but it's got a hypnotic quality that puts you in a dreamy state of mind. So...I'm asking you guys out there to listen for a second. You might not end up liking it, but you might.

The UK's always produced some of the best music out there, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queen, and more recently bands like Muse and Kasabian. Now, in my very own city London, a new indie rock band has appeared out of the gloomy rainclouds, and something tells me they're gonna be big. I'm just going to enjoy their music for now before they get really famous and their music starts becoming manufactured and boring. Although I doubt that will happen, they say that they want to avoid being 'flash' and showy. They don't care about their appearance, and they don't appear on their album covers either.

This wonderful band is called The XX. And without further ado...I give you Crystallised.

Just listen till the end. If you don't like it, fair enough. But I won't pretend I don't. It may not be classic rock, but it's good rock.

But if you do like them...first of all, give me a virtual high five, and secondly, I think you might be interested in this article:


  1. You're right - they're really interesting. A bit like Young Marble Giants (look 'em up!).

    Classic Rock is fine but elevated in a warm pool of nostalgia. It's OK to have favourites, and I have many from the 1970s but you cannot stand still. I've been a rock fan since the 60s but my favourite band comes from the 1990s. Music evolves and there is much to be said for each decade. You just have to look harder to find the good stuff when what is popular doesn't suit. And it looks like you have done just that!

  2. Wow, Young Marble Giants and The xx have a shockingly similar style of music. A sort of deep, quiet,intrusive style. I'm sure The xx were inspired by them, I'd be surprised if they weren't.
    Yeah, I totally agree with you, each decade has it's own great music. The good music will always be there, sometimes it's just hidden behind the mainstream. Thanks, I'm glad you like them :D


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