Friday, 3 December 2010

Things are never what they seem.

This will be a short post. It's not really music related, but it gave me such a lot to think about I had to talk about it.
In London, there is a massive contrast between the wealthy, upper class neighbourhoods, and rough, dodgy, not-so-well-off neighbourhoods. They're like two different worlds, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a different country.
I was driving past an area that happened to have a very, very bad reputation. It had many council housing estates, and was famous for it's association with drugs. Instead of flowers, injections crop up on the floor. If you walked alone there at night, you were guaranteed to be attacked. Gangs hung about everywhere, people often got shot.
But. It had been snowing recently. The gangs didn't feel like hanging about in the cold weather. It was much safer.
And...underneath all the snow, the boring, grey council estates were absolutely transformed. It didn't look  like the same neighbourhood.
But what inspired me enough to write this post was that...on the wall...written with snowballs...was "I Love You". Not a hasty, "I <3 a="" and="" bored="" bring="" but="" carefully="" cheesy="" couldn="" face="" for.="" had="" help="" i="" it="" just="" love="" made="" meaningful="" on="" or="" p="" partners="" proposal="" smile="" someone="" something="" t="" their="" they="" to="" u="" wanted="" was="" who="" wondering="" write="" written="" you="">
What surprised me the most, was that the sudden declaration of love on the wall, helped to utterly transform the neighbourhood. Suddenly, it was beautiful. Cheesy as it seems, love can bring change.

Reading through this post, it is the most utter crap I have ever written, so I'll just post it before I change my mind.


  1. Why crap ? it's a good description of a feeling someone had of writing that even the rest of the landscape is depressing.. which is something particular enough to mention.. i liked it.

  2. Thanks a lot Maxi, I wasn't really expecting anyone to read this post! It's just so random and meaningless. Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it, even though it is very pointless.

  3. omg, i've been reading your recent posts. i've been dying to comment but i was busy so i'm giving comments now lol. even my reply to your last comment on my idled blog was just given now lol. anyway, pretty interesting post you got here. got me thinking. this kind of apply to everyting, from people to places to music that things are never what they seem. your post reminded me of this abandoned hospital here near us, it's like when it starts to snow instead of being the old, dilapidated, scary haunting, abandoned hospital that used to house mentally ill patients looks like a castle now in the middle of a wooded calm forest. idk, this post is just thought provoking to me.

  4. Well, we're all really busy sometimes. I completely understand. And I'm glad you found it interesting, I was considering deleting it before I published it.
    Wow, I love your metaphor for the hospital..a castle in the middle of a wooded clam forest. It really is unusual how things can change...and wonderful at the same .
    Anyway, thanks for commenting again.

  5. what?! deleting it? you should never think about that. just post whatever comes to your mind and heart. just post something that inspired you. even if it doesn't make sense sometimes. if i were you, once you typed something and it sounded dumb to you after you've typed it, don't read it again. just click post. done leave it like that. cuz reading it again will make you overthink they you started thinking maybe i shouldn't have posted that or that's complete bull who cares about that? haha just post and post and post. leave the criticism to your readers ;)

  6. Thanks :D I think that's pretty good advice to follow...I'll stop being so hard on myself.


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