Monday, 6 December 2010

Guess who's birthday it is......!!!


I've let you down, haven't I? You were expecting someone famous and important. Not me, an insignificant child who you've never seen, and who wastes time writing random stuff and annoying you by commenting on your blog posts.
But it is my birthday. So I deserve some time to myself.

However, I happen to share my birthday with a very special man, who just so happens to be famous. He is the incredible drummer, Dominic Howard, who plays the the amazing band Muse. Here's Dominic Howard in a Spiderman costume.

His sense of humour never fails to amuse me. I love all the interviews with him!
Here's a birthday video someone made for him:

I wish someone would do that for me...
Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOMINIC HOWARD! And Happy Birthday to me as well :)


  1. I tried to send a picture in my comment but it won't let me :(
    I will give you the link instead :P

    Hope you had a very happy birthday!

  2. Aw, thank you very much! That picture is so cute!!
    I had a lovely birthday and guess what-someone actually did make a birthday video for me!

  3. Happy Birthday, Zee! Sorry it's a bit late but I hope it was a good'un.

  4. Thanks music obsessive! Don't worry about it being late. And yes,it was a great birthday!

  5. hey happy birthday! bit late too but yeah just reading its nice to know that you really enjoyed your birthday. and you got a video!!! nice!! and belated happy birthday to Dominic too. you know i've been looking for a famous person that has the same birthday as mine? lol but i couldn't so what i did is find for a famous or even if not album from a well-known and loved band or musician. i found one. but i forgot what album and which band!! lol crazzzy stuff *sigh im just happy i got through my 2nd to the last exam for the semester :D

  6. Thanks E.T.'s Gravity! I'm glad you decided to visit my blog again, I missed your comments :D
    Yeah the video was very, very sweet, my friend even put 'Paint It Black' by The Rolling Stones in the background, what more could you ask for?
    Lol, well I hope you remember what band it was sometime soon. I'm very lucky I have Dominic Howard, he really is an amazing drummer.
    Oh, and congratulations on getting through your second exam :D That must be such a relief

  7. oh man, i missed giving comments! i've been visiting your blogs just not have enough time to comment but i do read your posts. must be the greatest gift! Paint it Black on background, wicked! At least u got a friend that gets your taste music. Haha unfortunately i still can't recall which band or artist. wait i think it was one of bob dylan's album, lol not sure haha. i wonder if you have seen Muse live already? Cuz I haven't and I've heard that they are really majestic live..haha..i got 3 more tests, 2 this week then one the week after..haha so no relief yet, i wish!! :D

  8. I'm glad you at least visit my least I know I'm not talking to myself.
    Oh, and I came so close to seeing Muse live, but...the concert was sold out. But yes, I've seen lots of videos of them live AND THEY ARE SPECTACULAR. They really are amazing.
    Oh, and I know this is probably quite late, but I just wanted to say good luck in your tests. Anyway, I hope they went ok


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