Thursday, 16 December 2010

There is so much good music still out there waiting to be discovered...

It seems to me that almost every week I discover a new band, a new artist or a new song. It's so exciting to know that there's still so much good stuff out there, just waiting patiently for me to find it.
Take for example Fleetwood Mac.
I know, I know, all those rock gurus out there will probably think it's quite sad that I've only just found them. I'm quite late. I've got lots of catching up to do when it comes to rock music. To be fair, most of the good stuff was made before I was born. :( case there's anyone out there who doesn't know them (high five for being late)'s a small sample of their awesomeness

And Stevie Nicks who sings in Fleetwood Mac happened to have a solo career too. And even though I think she's amazing in Fleetwood Mac, I think she's even better solo. The following song happens to one of my favourite songs at the moment...I'm absolutely in love with it...



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  2. i love Fleetwood Mac. i actually just started listening to them a year ago when they had the reunion. but i've been hearing them before. i got two of their "Very Best" album and one song from the "Then Play On" want them? i can send em to ya..i love Stevie's songs especially when she does duet with other artists but i also like her voice, just hers - solo. she sang with Tom Petty and my fave with them singing together is "Insider" listen to the song. you might like it too! :D

    happy holidays!

  3. Thanks a lot E.T.'s Gravity, it's so kind of you to offer to send me one of their albums, but it's ok :D I've downloaded most of their songs anyway, and my CD player has I have lots of CDs lying around at the moment. Hey, how about you give the CD to someone as a Christmas present, it would make a great gift.
    Oh, and by the way, thanks so much for telling me about Tom Petty and Stevie's duet of the was absolutely amazing to listen to. I think I'll definitely be listening to other duets by them, their voices seem to compliment each other in a way.
    Thanks, and happy holidays to you too :D

  4. lol sorry my bad, what i meant was send the file thru email. that alright since you already have most of their songs. did you see Insider's video too? you appreciate more their voices when you see them in front of your eyes even if its a video. they're great togethere. tom even wrote a song for her and it was a duet too. did you know that stevie nicks actually once said that if tom had invited her to leave fleetwood mac and join tom petty and the heartbreakers she would do it in an instant? lol i love her. any song you don't have, let me know. i'll send the files thru email ;) i wish i saw them live last year. fleetwood mac they're a great band they should have stayed together i love the fact that im still realizing some songs to this day that is actually made by them. that means they had a made a lot of hits compared to anyone else with a female vocalist...

  5. Oh, well in that case I could play it on my computer :D So...if you really want to send it to me (even though I have most of their songs anyway) special email address for my blog is
    Yep, I saw the insider's video on youtube :D Lol, that's quite funny that stevie nicks would leave fleetwood mac just like that! To be honest, I wish Tom Petty had asked her to join-I think she would have been amazing in Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
    It's so sad when talented bands break up. You keep thinking of all the new songs they could have written...but at least Fleetwood Mac made lots of brilliant songs before they broke up.


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