Wednesday, 22 December 2010

When we fall down...we have to pick ourselves up again.

I love rock. End of story. Classic rock. Hard rock.  Indie rock. Grunge.
But when I'm feeling really angsty-mad-teenager (like I really want to break something), only Paramore will do for me. They're like a whole new genre of rock all on their own. A potion of punk, pop and alternative, all mixed up together in a cauldron. Lots of people older than me won't like Paramore, and yes, I have to admit they are becoming a lot more commercial. But Paramore are like comfort food for a Big Mac(and I'm supposed to be a liberal vegetarian...bah), like chocolate fingers, like marshmallows. They're familiar, they're the band that first introduced me to rock music. I started with Paramore, I moved on to Muse, I heard Muse liked Nirvana so I decided to check them out, things spiralled on from there. I soon discovered classic rock, I even went all the way back to the 50s and found Chuck Berry. A part of me forgot about Paramore. But a part of me still needed them. can't blame me...when I heard rumours Paramore were splitting up-ok, I cried. A lot. Before pulling myself together and reminding myself that rumours on the internet are not necessarily always true. I found out that although the Farro brothers were leaving the band, Hayley Williams, Taylor Yorke and Jeremy Davis were staying. Paramore had fallen down...pretty badly...I mean Josh and Zac Farro were two of the bands founding members. When the founding members leave...that's is basically almost as bad as it gets.
But. Paramore were picking themselves up again. Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy were definitely staying, and trying very hard to find a new guitarist and drummer. I still felt a tiny bit broken afterwards though. Paramore's band chemistry live was amazing. What if that all changed?

And then....I found this article in the Rolling Stone magazine:
It says some very controversial things about Hayley Williams, who I adored for years. Apparently, she's been taking control of the band, and the band is becoming all about her. I don't know what to believe...I mean I know the media lies...I know that well enough- it's all very confusing. I found myself feeling very angsty-mad-teenager again, so I ended listening to more Paramore. But their softer songs, like We Are Broken.

Well, anyway, Paramore taught me a good lesson. The past can hurt. But the way I see it, we can either run from it or learn from it. And yes, that is quoted from the Lion King. (I like old Disney movies ok?! Well at least the for High School Musical...I better not get started).

Does anyone reading this remember a band close to them breaking up/almost breaking up when they were young? How did you react?

Thanks for reading if you did(well, you would have, if you're reading this) I appreciate it. Please comment, even if it is a couple of words.


  1. i used to listen to Paramore. but i knew it wouldn't be too long until they become into somewhat mainstream. especially with hayley and that wonderful voice of her, she's wanted by every pop maker producer out there. you've already seen her works outside paramore right. i don't approve it but hey who am i to say what's good for her or not. and i've heard bout this news of the farro's brother leaving the band. and according to hayley it wasn't really a surprise since the two dudes weren't showing that much interest anymore in their recent show in Florida was it?. and honestly i wouldn't be surprise if hayley go solo one day, i mean she said that it'll never happen but you never know. people's mind change. i love the fact though that hayley was actually "built" to be a solo pop artist but she insisted that she wants a band and called up her friends the farro's bros and jeremy. i always admire paramore and that i listened to them before but i don't think i'll listen to them by choice now. not unless i encounter them on the radio somewhere or whatever. and i love love her voice and the way she's so different from other female artist well not as different as she was before. and i love her red head. she'll always be the first one for me who made the red fiery hair mainstream. well except for jaret reddick for me for the guys haha.

    you asked about a band almost breaking up? well not that they were young but i felt so bad when Green Day didn't release a knew album 5yrs later from their american idiot album. if you have paramore as a way for you to release your angsty-mad-teenager self i had Green Day. they were actually the band i first listened to even before my eyes got opened with the pure "awesomeness" of classic rock. haha. i thought they were gone, and when they went to become foxboro hot tubs as an experiment i didnt believe it that they're gonna be green day anymore i said they lost the magic. but hey they came back, but i don't listen as much anymore although i got the new cd. they still comfort me and i'll always remember that they're the ones who helped me when i was close to self destruction. anyway another band was blink 182, i was devastated when they broke up. i kept wishing they reunite, i even cried once. but hey also, they're back! there's also another band lol but it's kind of embarassing that they are so far from the main genre of music that i listen to now which is classic rock lol.

    anyway, great post. don't be somewhat ashamed that you like a band such as paramore they're not that bad and it's ok to cry. just let it out. they'll work it out. for me for sure, if paramore disintegrated i would be heartbroken because when i first heard them you know what i said? "now this is the band that should be more around this days, they're young but they have their own sound, i wouldn't be surprised if one day they become labeled as the classics" i don't idolize that much female artist but hayley definitely made my list so it would really be a shame if they all go their own ways. i must say though that the farro's are probably making a very big mistake...

  2. they're on the headline again on the music news of gosh..i hope this won't get ugly...a lot of things against hayley...who knows who's right or wrong..but i take back now what i said on my last post that the farro bros are making a big mistake..i've heard their side..but i don't want to have a headache about this i'll just sit back and see what happens next...i thought this was a tight group since they've known each other since high school, guess i'm wrong...i just hate the fact that their friendships are affected, it's not even the about music they won't be making anymore that im sad about it's the bond they made that's already broken that i'm kind of feel sorry about...

  3. Yeah, I guess Paramore were doomed to become mainstream. It's not their fault Hayley's so wanted! She has quite a unique, powerful voice, and she's an amazing performer (and yes, I'm in love with her hair!) Yeah, I've seen her collaboration with B.O.B and everything. To be honest, I think you're completely correct, she's going to go solo. I would even bet money on it. Her parents want her to go solo anyway.

    Oh, I adore Green Day! I've always heard their more recent songs on the radio and loved them. It's only recently that I've started to listen to their older songs like 'When I Come Around' and 'Basket Case'. I know that 'Jesus of Suburbia' isn't as old, but I'm completely in love with it! It's one of my favourite songs. I guess the only reason that you're more into Green Day and I'm more into Paramore is that you grew up with Green Day and I grew up with Paramore. Although to be honest...I have to admit, I probably prefer Green Day's older songs to Paramore's songs. Aren't Green Day becoming very political now though? I mean, their more recent songs are catchy and everything, but there are so many political messages. I guess it's just the band members maturing, and their interests changing, but I personally preferred it when it was all about the music.
    And, that is quite cute about Blink 182! It's great that they're back, although, bands often do change a lot after a couple of years. I'm not as into Blink 182 as I am into Green Day, but that's only because I've practically only listened to two of their songs. There's still so many songs for me to listen to, I have so much catching up to do :D
    And thanks a lot, I hope Paramore don't break up too. Ugh, lol, they're on yahoo already? Yeah, I guess it is really sad that their friendships are being affected too, I never really thought of that. The music business is's sad that you could lose friends over it. Anyway, thanks a lot for commenting again :D

  4. hello musicinmyguiltypleasure!
    well, althought I don't listen to this band (Paramore) I admit that they have something special in their songs and, is really that the teenagers (I say that because i'm a teenagers too) sometimes feel very "angsty-mad-teenager" and we have to listen to teenager songs or see old disney films (yes, I like them too :$) but it's normal and good hahahahaha
    if you go to my blog and read my new post (the second concert) you will see that I understand you V.v

    Kissess! :)

  5. Seemingly I'm much older than you youngsters on this blog. Let's put it this way I'm closer to 50 than to 30. Anyway Paramore is a great band (so is Green Day.) I love Paramore and Hayley Williams has that amazing voice. Honestly if you have the voice, you have the band. That's why Phil Collins, Sting, Peter Gabriel and Robert Plant can go out on solo tours, but their fellow band members can't. From what I've read Hayley is pretty much a solo act already.

    Yes it's hard when a favorite band of yours breaks up, but it will work out. To answer your other question. Journey was about the only band that broke up when I was really into them. How ever I completely missed out on the Smiths and Led Zeppelin. John Bonham died and Led Zeppelin broke up in 1979. I didn't even discover them until a few years later. The Smiths were blowing up in the early 80's and I knew people that were fans. They were telling me how great the Smiths were. I didn't listen, but now I wish I would have. What I guess my point is, be glad you were into Paramore when they are at their peak. Be happy for what you have, not for the little that has been lost.

  6. Thanks for the comment Craig! I think it's great my blog gets so many different visitors, from people still at school to people with kids and a job.What connects us? Great music :)
    Yeah, I see exactly what you mean about the voice making the band. I mean, if one of the instrument playing band members can't make it to a concert...everybody will get really frustrated, true, but guitarists, drummers and bassists can be replaced temporarily. When it comes to the singer though...the concert might have to be called off.
    Oh, I can't believe you missed out on both the Smiths and Led Zeppelin! Two of the most individual, brilliant bands in the world. You unlucky guy :D
    Anyway, you're right, I should be happy for what I have.


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