Sunday, 24 October 2010

Covers that make us want to hide in a cave

There are many covers of songs that can indeed be said to be better than the original. For example, Nirvana's cover of 'Man Who Sold The World'. But there are some covers that go as far as making us embarassed.

Yesterday, when typing in 'I love rock and roll' into Youtube, I accidently selected the Britney spears version. Out of mere curiosity, I watched the music video. Absolute horror ensued. Which is what inspired me to write this blog post. Signing into my yahoo home, I see that they have already done a blog post on the worst covers. But that will not stop me from doing my own. :D

So without further ado...a list of some of the worst covers. You can make your own mind up which you think is worst, they're in no particular order.

I love rock and roll-Britney Spears
Originally by: The Arrows
Excuse me, but since when did she love rock and roll? in all of Britney's music videos, she is scantily clad, and there are close up shots of her body every two seconds to try and please her male fans.No. Just no. You can do that in all your other music videos Britney, but you have to respect the song in this one. Joan Jett managed to be a lot hotter in her cover of the song, without looking like a slut.
Sadly, blogger is being moody with me and won't let me upload videos. So I'll just leave some links:
If you want to witness the horror of the Britney Spears version:
If you want to see the lovely version by Joan Jett:
If you want to see the amazing original:
Moving swiftly on...

Smells like Teen Spirit-TAKE THAT!?
Originally by:Nirvana (the lovely men at the top of my blog)

I'm sorry, but what were they thinking? They covered the song the year after Kurt Cobain died. Ok, maybe I'm being harsh , maybe they were just having a bit of fun. It's just one of those songs you can't really cover. Although to be honest, I think Kurt Cobain would laugh rather than be angry. At least that's what I would do.I have nothing against Take That, but just....why? Oh why?
Take That's version:
However, I have to admit, their version is entertaining in a hypnotic sort of way.
The original:

American Pie-Madonna
Originally by: Don McLean
I don't think Madonna should have covered it, but that's just my opinion. This song is supposed to be a recounting of 'The Day That Music Died', a 1959 plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. When Don McLean sang it, he was telling it from his perspective, so we could relate to it. He told us about himself as a paperboy, delivering the sad news in the newspapers. When Madonna sings it, I just can't relate to it somehow. She was only one year old at the time (she was born in 1958) so she obviously cannot remember it. Anyway, this one is a slight 'iffy', it sort of deserves to be on this list, it sort of doesn't. You can make up your mind about it:
Madonna's version:
The original:

Fairytale of New York-Ronan Keating and Moya Brennan
Originally by: The Pogues

Fairytale of New York is a folk rock song-so it just managed to scrape into this list of the worst rock covers. Personally, I think this is one of those Christmas songs you can never get bored of. Unless you're listening to the Ronan Keating cover. He changed the words from 'you're a cheap lousy faggot' to 'you're cheap and you're a haggard' because he didn't want to offend anyone. I don't really know who he thought he was offending, maybe he didn't want to upset his parents. Anyway, this is obviously again one of those songs you can't ever cover and  be better than the original. I wish someone had told Ronan Keating that. I don't know how he managed to drag Moya Brennan into it either. I don't actually know who she is, and I can't be bothered to research her either.
The horrific version:
The timeless original:

Strawberry Fields Forever-Candy Flip
Originally by: The Beatles
This is another 'iffy' one. It doesn't exactly make me want to go and hide in a cave. But the cymbals are very annoying. And it's nowhere as good as the original. Of course, no one can beat the Beatles :D
Candy Flip's version:
The Beatles version:

Under the bridge-All Saints
Originally by: The Red Hot Chili Peppers
It's not so much that the girls in All Saints can't sing. It's just that 'Under the Bridge' is completely about heroin addiction, and they utterly disrespected the song by removing the verse about drug use. So now it's a song about who knows what. Even The Red Hot Chili Peppers said themselves that they felt the song had now lost of of it's 'personal significance'
The All Saints Version:
The orignial:

The Tide is High-Atomic Kitten
Originally by: The Paragons, but made famous by Blondie.

Ok. Maybe this is really stretching things a bit. But Blondie did write a lot of rock songs, so they are sort of a rock band. Maybe? Alright, no, maybe not. Nevertheless, the Atomic Kitten's version is incredibly annoying. Everything from their horrible music video, to the fact that they added a random bit called 'Get the Feeling'. To be honest, I find the Atomic Kittens annoying in general. I mean, what sort of name is Atomic Kitten? I'm a cat lover, and even I find their name annoying.
The Kittens:
The Paragons:

God only knows-David Bowie
Originally by:The Beach Boys
I love David Bowie, but sadly he's not too good at covering others-his style is too singular. And this song is no exception.Although it's not as bad as the other offenders on the list.
David Bowie:
The Beach boys:

I can't get no satisfaction-Britney Spears
Originally by: The Rolling Stones
Yes, once again Mrs Spears appears. Why Britney? Why cover a timeless classic like this that you know you're going to end up ruining? You might not be able to get any satisfaction, but we can't get any satisfaction from this either. Although at least she did try. And she tried and she tried and she tried.:D
Britney's version:
ROLL UP for the Rolling Stones:

Song 2-Robbie Williams
Originally by: Blur

I happened to really like Song 2. Even though it was Blur's attempt at actually making fun of grunge bands like Nirvana, it's still one of those really catchy songs you can't get bored of. But Robbie Williams...why? What possessed you? But similar to the Take That version of Smells Like Teen Spirit, Robbie's version is strangely entertaining. You want to look away...and yet you can't.
Robbie's version:
The original:

You shook me all night long-Celine Dion and Anastacia
Originally by:AC/DC
This is actually quite funny to watch. Celine Dion and Anastacia prancing about, air guitars in hand, wearing the most ridiculous clothes. I highly suggest you watch it
The hilarious cover:
Ac/dc original:

Walk this way-Girls Aloud and the Sugababes
Originally by: Aerosmith
GA and S:
The original:

Alright, maybe I'm being a bit biased here, as I adore Aerosmith but detest Girls Aloud. They're all sex appeal and annoying dance routines. Sorry. They might have some slightly catchy songs, but did they write them? No. At least we can say that they covered this song for charity...although I'm not sure I would even buy it for charity.

Absolute beginners-Carla Bruni
Originally by:David Bowie

Ok, let's get this straight Carla. Just because you're married to the president of France does not mean you can butcher whatever song you want. "I find it incredible she doesn't realise that she can't sing now, she doesn't have the right to when the country is on the verge of exploding and she is Sarkozy's wife. Can you imagine Cherie Blair or Samantha Cameron doing that?" said Jean Daniel Beauvallet from ‘Les Inrockuptibles' a French publication. Well, personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Michelle Obama cover something...
Carla Bruni's version:
The original:

Macy Grey herself

Macy Grey's covers are all hilarious. Listen to her version of 'Walk this Way' and you'll understand what I mean. But if you really want to get a taste of her covers...this as bad as it gets:
Macy Grey's cover on Elton John's Don't Go Breaking My heart.
Watch it here:
I found myself silently cackling at a remark someone on Youtube made: "This is the worst cover ever. Hands down. Nothing else even comes close. Still funny as shit."
If you want to compare it to the original, here you go:

Mr Tambourine Man:William Shatner
Originally by:Bob Dylan

At least this is one of those covers where the singer is intentionally being funny, rather than blindly murdering the song and leaving us all embarassed.
Shatner's version:
The lovely original:

Is it wrong that I feel slightly guilty after all this for being mean? I have to admit though, this post was pretty fun to write...
All comments are welcome, if you disagree with me on anything don't be afraid to tell me.
Let me know of any other covers you think deserved to be on this list.