Saturday, 15 January 2011

Pop may be rocking the charts...but rock is rocking the concerts...

Not that I have anything against pop music. I love it, I really do, it's just that today's charts are mostly filled with the crappy pop and hip hop songs that people forget about in a year's time .Not the wonderful pop that people remember for decades afterwards.
It's all about which songs get the most airplay...
But, while people have been wasting mere pennies on annoying tracks from's the dedicated fans who are paying real money to see better artists live.
This post was meant to be posted about four weeks ago, but I'm the queen of procrastination and I've managed to find a new excuse to not post it every day.
So without further ado...the Top Four Earning Tours of 2010!
1.Bon Jovi's 'The Circle' tour.
Money earned:$201.1m (£130.7m) I allowed to admit I actually kind of like Bon Jovi? Just the tiniest, incy-wincyiest bit...I know lots of people find them annoying and cheesy, but they've made some pretty decent songs. I mean, come on, 'You give love a bad name' and 'Livin' On a Prayer' are so catchy! And you have got to love that 80s hair. Jon Bon Jovi should never have cut it all off...

2.AC/DC's tour
Money earned:$177m (£115m).

All I have to say is wow! They've been ongoing since 1973, with practically no breaks. And they're number two? And they were number two last year as well? Guys, I salute you.They've obviously got some very loyal fans out there. But with awesome songs like 'Thunderstruck" and "Highway to Hell" it's no surprise.

3.U2's tour
Money earned:$160.9m (£104.6m)
U2 were actually the top worldwide act last year as well. It's a shame they've slipped down, but hey, at least they're in the top three! They deserve it too, with their amazing live performances. Check this one out...I can't decide whether the girl on the stage is really embarassed or just overwhelmed.

I'm not the biggest fan of U2's music (not my taste) , but I guess they're good at what they do.
4.Lady Gaga
Money earned:$133.6 million (£86.8 million)
Yeah, well I never said these charts were completely rock dominated, did I? I actually used to like Lady Gaga, a couple of years ago when I rock music still scared me. But, hearing 'pa-pa-pa-pokerface' a hundred times on the radio, chanted by people at school and simply EVERYWHERE, needless to say, I felt like doing more than poking her face. To be fair though, Lady Gaga has worked very hard to get this position in the chart. She played 138 shows, whereas AC/DC only played 40, Bon Jovi played 80 and U2 played 32. I've heard her performances are as spectacular as her outfits too.

So there we have the top four earning tours of 2010! I just wanted to mention, Paul McCartney (my favourite Beatle! Apart from when it switches to George) made it to 8th place on the top ten! His tour made $93 million (£60 million)! I'd just like to congratulate him on that, because I think it's amazing people still listen to his music, even though it's been 50 years since the Beatles started performing. To give this post a great ending, here's a video of him performing 'Yesterday' (doesn't he look so cute?! He has the same nose as my little brother). Listen out for random hysterical screaming in  the audience. Girls don't even scream like that for Justin Bieber. 

So what did you guys think of the Top Four Earners of 2010? Were you surprised by any or not really? 
Don't be shy, give me your thoughts!