Wednesday, 22 December 2010

When we fall down...we have to pick ourselves up again.

I love rock. End of story. Classic rock. Hard rock.  Indie rock. Grunge.
But when I'm feeling really angsty-mad-teenager (like I really want to break something), only Paramore will do for me. They're like a whole new genre of rock all on their own. A potion of punk, pop and alternative, all mixed up together in a cauldron. Lots of people older than me won't like Paramore, and yes, I have to admit they are becoming a lot more commercial. But Paramore are like comfort food for a Big Mac(and I'm supposed to be a liberal vegetarian...bah), like chocolate fingers, like marshmallows. They're familiar, they're the band that first introduced me to rock music. I started with Paramore, I moved on to Muse, I heard Muse liked Nirvana so I decided to check them out, things spiralled on from there. I soon discovered classic rock, I even went all the way back to the 50s and found Chuck Berry. A part of me forgot about Paramore. But a part of me still needed them. can't blame me...when I heard rumours Paramore were splitting up-ok, I cried. A lot. Before pulling myself together and reminding myself that rumours on the internet are not necessarily always true. I found out that although the Farro brothers were leaving the band, Hayley Williams, Taylor Yorke and Jeremy Davis were staying. Paramore had fallen down...pretty badly...I mean Josh and Zac Farro were two of the bands founding members. When the founding members leave...that's is basically almost as bad as it gets.
But. Paramore were picking themselves up again. Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy were definitely staying, and trying very hard to find a new guitarist and drummer. I still felt a tiny bit broken afterwards though. Paramore's band chemistry live was amazing. What if that all changed?

And then....I found this article in the Rolling Stone magazine:
It says some very controversial things about Hayley Williams, who I adored for years. Apparently, she's been taking control of the band, and the band is becoming all about her. I don't know what to believe...I mean I know the media lies...I know that well enough- it's all very confusing. I found myself feeling very angsty-mad-teenager again, so I ended listening to more Paramore. But their softer songs, like We Are Broken.

Well, anyway, Paramore taught me a good lesson. The past can hurt. But the way I see it, we can either run from it or learn from it. And yes, that is quoted from the Lion King. (I like old Disney movies ok?! Well at least the for High School Musical...I better not get started).

Does anyone reading this remember a band close to them breaking up/almost breaking up when they were young? How did you react?

Thanks for reading if you did(well, you would have, if you're reading this) I appreciate it. Please comment, even if it is a couple of words.